Thursday, 23 January 2014


My friend Natalie moved to New Zealand 8 years ago and every two years her son and daughter come to South Africa to visit their Dad.  We were fortunate enough this time to spend an evening with them. 

After work Connor and I drove through to their Dad's house in Eastleigh, Edenvale and we decided to see what our options for dinner would be at Greenstone Mall ... On my birthday we had gone to Cuppaccino's so that was out of the question and the only other choice was .... SPUR!  Now I had sworn off Spur forever but we had to eat somewhere.  Well ... we had the most amazing evening with the best food I have ever had at Spur.  However more important than the food was the company of three awesome young people ... Connor, Dylan and Melanie.

We chatted non-stop for over 3 hours ... Connor has kept in touch with Mel on facebook and instagram and I have kept in touch with Mel on facebook as well.  I knew that they were good kids but was bowled over at how they have grown and matured and I know that my friend is VERY proud of them.

Here are some photos of our evening ...
Could you find two more beautiful 18 year olds?
Mel, you are gorgeous inside and out!!!
Connor and Melanie thought it would be funny to get the Spur staff to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dylan (who turned 18 on 5 January) and me.
We got divine ice-cream with a sparkler

The kids decided that we should go 10 pin bowling after dinner ... We had a lot of fun although I didn't bowl very well ...
And the scores are ...
 To say Connor is infatuated is an understatement ... Look how cute they are ...


  1. awwwwh... ok tears are streaming as I scrolled down your blog my angel !
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for spoiling my kids, they are still telling me how much fun they had with you and Connor! Next time I wanna be there too ;0) Hugs Nat

  2. Ahhh - Looks like you had an awesome time! Now you have to come visit New Zealand! There is a lot of people waiting IMPATIENTLY for that ;) xoxox

  3. Looks like a fab evening. I am honest if I say we only go to the Spur with the grandkids.