Monday, 6 January 2014


26 December 2013 ... Schatzie and my hunny ~They swear blind that they didn't arrange to wear the same t-shirt!!! 

28 December 2013 ... Sunrise and the boys are ready to go our for a ride on their motorbikes.
Richard's first ride with his new GoPro camera mounted on his helmet.

30 December 2013 ... We drove through to Groenkloof but the rain was hard enough to make our walk impossible.  Our Plan B ended up being Mugg & Bean at Irene Mall.  After breakfast we did a trawl through the mall.

30 December 2013 ... I met my friend Michelle and her son Kyle for breakfast at Europa Café at our Head Office in Sandton.  I hadn't seen them before Christmas so we had a late Christmas gift exchange.

1 January 2014 ... Our New Year's Day ritual ~ A walk at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with Alison followed by breakfast at Eagle's Fare.  We met Ali at 8, walked until just after 9 and then had a lovely relaxed breakfast ~ The perfect way to start a New Year.

The have done a lot of work along the river which will help with the heavy rains and stop the erosion of the river bank.
The Sasol Dam and Hide ... one of our favourite parts of the gardens.
Father and Son comparing notes.

Alison was telling us that she had read that there were tortoises in the garden but we had never seen one before when we came around a bend and this fella was waiting for us ... he was very patient while we did our photo shoot.

His foot looks like something our of Jurassic Park!

I am happy to see that there are more signs asking people to take their litter out of the garden and recycle at home.

I call this ... A bouquet on one stalk

Spectacular as always
The owners of my heart
My very special friend Ali

This little guy came along and offered Richard some provita ... he had a wonderful time chatting along.  We bumped into him again on our walk.

God's creation
4 January 2014 ... My sister Jenny is in the transport industry and had to bring a couple from India, who were here on their honeymoon, through to Gold Reef City so we met at Maestro for lunch.  It had been far too long since our last lunch and we had a lot of fun and it was cut far too short when the couple were ready to go to Emperor's Palace where they were staying the night.  We will be seeing her again on the 12th and then she leaves for the Winter Olympics in Russia on the 21st.
5th January 2014 ... Richard arranged to go riding with Graeme and Mitch so I asked Connor if he would like to go to Cradlestone Mall.  We took his friend Free along with us.  We had breakfast at Dopio Zero and then did a serious trawl through the Mall.  I found a couple of birthday gifts and Free got school shirts.  We stopped off at Fego for coffee and saw my friend Michelle and her son Kyle.  We had a really lovely day and then spent the rest of the afternoon quietly at home and then dropped Free at home after dinner.
Connor tried on this hideous pants at Jay Jays ... The designed must have been seriously high when he designed these ugly things!!!
And so the first week of the New Year comes to an end.

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