Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Jarod

It was Jarod's birthday on 23rd November (we did pop over for a cuppa coffee and to give him his gift) but due to it being on the same weekend as Toy Run, which means that Graeme is away for long hours and is exhausted when he gets home, his 'celebration' was held over until Saturday 30th November.  

We picked up some pizza's and Wendy made some dessert and we all congregated at their house for a lovely lunch.  As usual the camera was out to catch the silliness which ensues with teenage boys and to get photos of the rest of the family ...

Schatzie and his "girlfriend" 

Gordon and Wendy

Noleen and Mom

Me with the love of my life
Gordon and Noleen

Liam was very patient while I did these selfies ... He is adorable!!!!

Trying to get a serious photo of Schatzie is quite difficult ... Here I tried to get his attention away from Wendy's 'girls' ...
Norma loves to sit on her brothers-in-laws laps ...


  1. Such a blessing to be able to get together for important celebrations. Happy family moments.

    1. And to have the memories captured on film is wonderful.