Wednesday, 18 December 2013

December/Christmas Sisters Dinner

I started off the day in my office and after a relatively pointless team meeting which started half an hour late I went through to Cradlestone Mall to have a meeting with the branch manager and a staff member ... I have been having sleepless nights over an issue where I dropped the ball and the staff member who I have known for a good 20 years says to me "Don't know why you have lost sleep over this, I haven't lost a minute of sleep".  I so hate dropping the ball but in my mind this issue was HUGE and if I had spoken to her earlier would have lost a lot less sleep!  We live and learn!!!
I then had the HUGE pleasure of having coffee with my friend Sam, her Mom and Sam's friend Janine at Sam's parents new retirement home in Featherbrooke Hills ... OMGoodness!!!!  I also wanna go live there when I retire ... the complex is absolutely stunning and their home is gorgeous!  Janine's daughter Megan baked the most delicious cupcakes and we enjoyed them along with our choice of beverage ... Sam's Mom and I had lovely coffee while the other girls had cold drinks.  We jabbered so much that before I knew it it was 6pm and I had to rush home as I would need to leave at 6h45 to make it to Sisters Dinner on time.

I eventually got to give Norma her birthday gift!
We moved our Sisters Dinner from last week due to my hunny being in hospital.  We decided to go to Harbour Fish Market (where we had our first ever Sisters Dinner) in Meyersdal and although the service was really slow, as they were extremely busy, the food was great.  As usual we shared our Christmas gifts tonight and we all felt deservedly spoiled ... I gave each of my sisters a framed saying and coffee/wine/truffles (Wendy advised me that she knew exactly what she was getting as when I posted about my Christmas gift list she enlarged it and saw what everyone was getting!!!) with a handmade card; Noleen gave us a beautiful tray with mugs and cuppaccino (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!); Wendy gave me a cute mug, sorbet hand cream; a gorgeous LOVE sign and my favourite Justine Heel Balm; Norma gave us a lucky packet ... well actually a lucky box ... filled with sweets, a journal, a desk pad, a paper pad in the shape of a typek box, a notepad, a quote on a wooden heart and more.
Here are some photos to share:


Noleen's gift wrapped so beautifully!
Wendy's gift came in a lovely gift bag

Norma's gift came in a plastic file box

Hope you all had a super awesome Wednesday!!!


  1. Hmmm ...
    1. I need to try smiling when I'm reading
    2. Nols looks gorgeous in this picture
    3. Norma looks far too excited about the wine ... lol

    Thanks for the awesome gift and for putting up photos - I was hoping you'd taken before pictures of the gifts you gave me so that I could steal the photos ... lol

  2. Oh hang on ... noleen saw the gift list first and told me! !!