Saturday, 2 November 2013

November Actions!

This worked for me so well in October and kept me focussed that I decided that I am going to do it again ... so here are my November Actions ...
  1. Gym ... Try something new at least twice in the month
  2. Gym ... Go to the salon and get a pampering treatment ~ I am paying for them after all.
  3. November Birthdays ~ Buy gifts / Wrap / Wish / Deliver
    Jarod ...
    Bradley ... Bought ... just need to wrap.
    Sam & Petrus Anniversary ... Got an idea.
    Robbie ... Bought ... just need to wrap.
  4. Christmas Cards ~ Make and post
  5. 2014 Diary and Desk calendar ~ set up.
  6. Appointments
    ~ Dentist
    ~ Blood analysis ~ Done 1 November
    ~ Blood test ~ Done 1 November
    ~ Mammogram ~ First appointment I could get is 13 December
  7. Sort & print photos
  8. Scrapbook project - Brendon's baby album
  9. Continue with paper de-cluttering
  10. Finalise Christmas gift shopping 
  11. Make Christmas gift tags 
  12. Wrap gifts.


  1. Haha...I am beginning to believe that I am the only one who is just too much of a sissy to plan like this. Our PRO gave me the Mission's schedule for November and December and I was exhausted just reading through it.

    1. Don't believe it for a minute ... LOTS of people fly by the seat of their pants. I have always had "To Do" lists (I even have a book with everything written down) ... I just find that putting this out there gives me more focus and I get so much more done. As you can see they aren't huge things but manageable and I do so love ticking things off when they are done!!! LOL!!!

  2. Expected nothing less from you Lynn. You are always so inspirational.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}