Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday ... done and dusted

Started out the morning with making Connor a yummy smoothie for breakfast and then had to take him to school which resulted in me sitting in the most horrendous traffic for nearly 2 hours to get to Sandton ... the joys of Johannesburg traffic.
Managed to get in a quick cuppa coffee with my friend Mark who works in our Forensics department before chatting to the guy who is going to present at our hearing tomorrow.  I worked in the restaurant for a bit and had a lovely chat over a cuppa coffee with my friend Michelle ... Michelle's birthday is on the same day as my Mom's but we have not been able to get together for me to give her her birthday gift ... so that happened today.  I dropped off another 2 birthday gifts at the same time ... so my perpetual "To Do" list is also looking better by the day!!!
When I got home I changed and went to gym with Connor and Byron (who had come home from school with Connor as he had left his house keys at home).  Got Byron signed up for gym as well ~ we are going halvies on the fees so I don't have to buy him a Birthday or Christmas gift for the next 3 years ~ Exercise is the gift.
I did treadmill & cycling for 20 minutes each, rowed for 500m, 60 crunches on the Back Extension and 40 leg ups on each leg on the Glute machine.  I feel so good after the gym and cannot wait for my next visit.
After dinner I worked on the scrapbook job I have open on my desk ... that October Actions list is looking more and more "accomplishable" as the days go on!!!
Hope Monday treated you Magnificently!!!