Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Wonderful Wednesday!

This morning I went into the office and by 0830 when I went to attend a meeting I felt like I had worked a whole day already.  I spent the full day in the meeting but also took the opportunity to work through my e-mails in-box ... Managed to get it down from 300 to 25.
I got through the traffic very quickly and then did some errands when I got home, had an early dinner and then we met the boys at the gym ... Liam attended the boxing class and Jarod did a bit of exercise on the machines and Connor worked his upper body.  I did 20 minutes treadmill / 60 back extensions / 60 crunches / 40 on each of 2 other arm machines and then 5 minutes bicycle. 
I am now going to pack away the dishes, wash my face and drop into bed.  Hope your Wednesday was absolutely wonderful!!! Sleep tight y'all.

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  1. Well done on the are doing great xxx