Sunday, 22 September 2013

Connor's Matric Dance

Tonight is Connor's Matric Dance ... Connor had asked Keisha to be his date before they broke off their relationship and they decided that as they were still friends that they would still go to the matric dance together.
Byron and Kayla were having photos taken Thaba Ya Batswana and Connor and Keisha were meeting them there for some photos and then leaving from there to go to Oakfield Farm in the transport that was arranged.  I drove through and met them there at 3h15 ... I could not miss seeing my gorgeous boy before this very special day in his high school career ...
Connor and Keisha
Best buds ... Connor and Byron looking very suave!!!
James & Sheree, Byron & Kayla and Connor & Keisha ...  
 Connor was constantly fiddling with his tie so Keisha took over and sorted it out.
 I love this boy soooooo much!!!!

Kayla looked super pretty ... 
There was a lot of confusion around the transport ... we were then told that it would pick the guys up at James' house (which is close to our house!!!) so when I left Richard was driving Connor and Kayla to James' house.  On my way back I chatted to Richard and he said that the transport had not arrived on time so he was driving Connor and Keisha through to the venue.  I had a lovely drive back to Good Shepherd and was really disappointed when I chatted to Connor at around 8 when he told me that Keisha was not feeling well and had asked her Gran to come and fetch her ... being the gentleman that my son is he sat outside with her until she was collected so he missed the majority of his function which he had looked forward to for the longest time.  I am really hoping that she was sick and that this was not her way of punishing him for breaking up with her (yep I was a teenage girl at some stage!!!!) but as his Mom I feel really sad for him.
Connor then BBM's me just past 10 to say that they were on the way to the after party.  They got to breakfast Byron's aunt at around 6 and when I got home this afternoon he was still feeling sad and really tired ... I think that a week at the sea is just the antidote that the doctor would order!!!


  1. Your son looked very handsome and grown up on his big night. So sorry his date got sick.

    1. Thanks Lynette ..... of course I am biased but I also think he looked beautiful.

  2. Beautiful young people. Its such a shame they are not a couple anymore, as they make for a very handsome pair.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. Connor looked so handsome & as always managed to make his mom & dad proud! A truly wonderful young man!