Monday, 19 August 2013


Richard organised a ride to Val with Mitch and Graeme and invited the girls to meet them for breakfast ... So this morning I was up early and showered and got ready so I could give Mitch a cuppa coffee before they left.  I did my blog post for yesterday and then got Connor up and ready so we could be out the front door at 8 to go and fetch Wendy and Jarod.
We had a lovely drive through to Val, stopped at the garage along the highway to get some coffee at the Mugg & Bean On The Go ~ What a fantastic idea this is!!!, had  breakfast (not very rewarding after such a long drive ... the eggs tasted strange and were seriously sloppy and the rest of the breakfast was cooked without any care) however the company was GREAT, we took some beautiful photos and then home again ~ stopped off at Wendy to wait for the boys and had coffee with them and then had a light supper in front of the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey ~ What a wonderful way to end the weekend.

Now it is Monday again and the start of a brand new week ... Connor starts Prelims on Thursday, then there is a week school holiday and soon after that they start Finals ... OMGoodness!!!! Then my son is finished with school ... where has 12 years gone????

Hope you all had a stunning week and that you have a great week ahead ... remember to plan something special for yourself each day ... even if it is just 15 minutes!!!!  You are worth it!!!

Here are some photos from yesterday ...

This is the sign on the side of the tractor ... too funny!
Love this old gate

 Last time we came to Val I took photos of Connor and Liam in this little canoe ... now it is a flower pot.

Jarod ... Always the actor!!!
Got this gorgeous photo of Jarod and Wendy
Jarod took this cute photo of Connor and me

All that was missing was the pedestrian crossing!!!
 So we heard them before we saw them ....
Richard ... always the cleanest because he rides up front
Graeme a.k.a. Schatzi
Sporting a decidedly dusty face!!!
Mitch sporting just as dusty a face as Graeme!!!
I needed the loo urgently and OMGoodness what an uncomfortable experience!!!  So I had to take a photo to show you this toilet.

Nice photo of Connor and Jarod
  Mitch airbrushed this on the screen of his bike ... he is super talented!!!!

 The boys are ready to leave again and Graeme is doing his super hero impersonation!!!!

The railway tracks were very busy yesterday
When the guys got back to Wendy's house Mitch and Graeme were again very dusty and Richard relatively clean ...

 Connor got to wear his new Caribou Lodge cap which we brought in with his last yoyo order ... his favourite animal is the Gnarwhal (which is a type of whale ... or a damn sea unicorn Mom!!!)


  1. Wow...what a wonderful photo got some great shots.

  2. Awesome pics. It sure looks like you all had a fab time. Thanks for signing of with great inspiration, just what I needed to hear today. xxx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}