Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday night ... and the weekend is over!!!

Sunday night brings with it the Monday morning blues!!! LOL!!!! 
I had a very productive day ... started out by doing the grocery shopping, packed it all away, fetched Connor and when I got home my hunny was finished with the shelves for my new scrap cupboards ... so I cleaned them up and began organising my stash.  I am super excited with how it looks and feel ready to get into my room and create again.  Here it is ... my gorgeous scrapbook room ...

 The round table on the right hand side was my Mom-in-law's sewing table and I have decided that it is the perfect spot for my current project to stand.  The green box has some paper scraps and the other box is for paper which will go into the recycling on a Friday.
Humpty Dumpty in his place of honour.  I placed 4 tubs on top of the cupboard to put the less used stuff in ... not sure exactly what will go there but at least the space is there.  
 These tubs will hold projects in progress ... I am going to sit in front of the TV tomorrow night and clean them up while watching Flashpoint.
 This little cupboard was made by my hunny a long time ago and it houses a whole host of goodies and I just love it.
This was my desk BEFORE

And this is my desk AFTER ... now this is just calling to me "Please come and scrapbook!!!"
 When I first met my gorgeous hunny he had quite bushy hair and we eventually found a hairdresser who would cut his hair as short as he wanted it ... and now my Mom shaves his hair every second weekend.  During winter he sometimes leaves it for a couple more weeks and then it starts to irritate him and that is where he was this weekend so after dinner he got his hair shaved and now he looks like my gorgeous man again.
I hope you have all had a stunning weekend and that the short week ahead treats you really well!!!


  1. Your space looks amazing. I can imagine how many hours of happiness will be spent there.

  2. Love! I want... - Can I hire Hubby for a weekend?

  3. You are seriously organised now thanks to that one in a million personal handyman.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}