Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy 21st Birthday Wesley

My nephew Wesley turned 21 today ~ You know you are getting old when you think "But I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!!!".  I sent him an SMS at 05h27 to wish him and his response was "Thank you so much Aunty Lynn!! Message so early is really appreciated!!  Tell Connor and Uncle Richard I say thank you and love you guys!!"

When I got to my desk at 06h30 the weather outside was really miserable ... I think the sun first showed its face after 12.  This is what it looked like from the window at my desk!
Norma invited us to dinner at Cassa Rossi to celebrate with Wesley and asked Richard, being his God Father, to do a speech.  We had a lovely evening filled with good food and great company.

 Noleen and Gordon and Wendy and Schatzie a.k.a. Graeme had obviously gotten the communication about the "dress code" as they all looked lovely in black and red.

<< This is Wendy and Graeme doing "die Pastoor en sy vrou" pose!!!

Oh the love between these two funny guys!!!!
Wesley and Connor

Richie saying his speech ... he didn't prepare it but did a great job.
Norma had prepared a speech but started to cry so asked Richard to read it for her.  He was sweet and funny while reading the speech.

Wesley and his gorgeous girlfriend Sam
Connor Liam and Byron

Richard and Graeme were deep in conversation about music, Roderiguez in particular.  I am always amazed at my hunny's knowledge on music (and every other subject in the universe!!!).  Usually he is the one who wants to go home early and tonight I had to be the party pooper and ask if we could please go home.


  1. lol ... Noleen had called me at about 6 to ask what I was wearing. I had not even started getting ready. The red was such a coincidence!

    Have a happy day now

  2. Gorgeous photos of happy families. Love the "dominee" pose.