Sunday, 7 July 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Connor!

Today 18 years ago I was privileged to give birth to the most amazing addition to my life!  My son Connor York Gladwin. 
My phone reminding me!
He has brought immense joy, love and even sometimes frustration into my life.  He is not only my son but my friend, my chick flick companion, my shopping buddy, my coffee partner and even sometimes the voice of reason in a conflict situation.  I am amazed by his insight and hysterical about his quirks.  He is different from anyone I have ever met and I am immensely proud to call him "my boy". 

 The first gift of the day ... from his Nana.
We got ready, fetched Keisha and then got to the restaurant.  Here are some photos from our luncheon at Cassa Rossi in Glenanda today ...
The parents
The girlfriend ~ Keisha
The grandmother
The tables

Linda Le Warne ~ The Godmother
Now he is allowed to drink these legally ~ Thanks Aunty Wendy for the six pack and the R500 gift voucher for Exclusive Books!!!!
 Schatzie paying Richard for some work they have done.

Nutty cousins!!!
Poor Courteney is so small she got lost in this photo

Wendy, Schatzie (a.k.a. Graeme), Courteney and Connor
Mitch, Michelle, Ciane and Kiara

Uncle Gordon and Aunty Noleen
Gorgeous girls Keisha and Courteney

Kayla and Byron (Connor's best friend)

Gina ... Another small cousin (but only in height!)
Evan decided not to add the cheese to his food but to eat the cheese straight out of the bowl and when he was finished he passed the bowl to Marian.

 Connor and Lorenzo always have fun together.
 The STUNNING Miss Phoebe Campbell. 
 Linda, Linda & Lynn 

 Dad and The Cake.
 Marisa and Dean.
 Lorenzo and Marian ... being photo bombed by my one and only!!!

 Connor with his 'other Mom' Sharron and Craig 
 Nicholas ~ The oldest cousin with Salma his gorgeous wife

 Dad photo bombing another photo with Wesley  
Byron's little brother Shagan.
 Connor's two girlfriends Marian and Ana-B. 
 Dad, Ana-B with Alexi, Connor, Soz and Ana-B's Mom.
 The Campbells ~Delphine, Lekeisha, Lucky & Phoebe. 
 Linda Wood
 Now that looks so cool!!!! or not judging by the face!!!
After dropping Keisha at home Connor and I went to Exclusive Books at The Glen and paid for the books he had put aside ... he got enough vouchers to pay for both the box set and 1984 ~ Such a happy chappy!!! 

 This is the most original gift Connor got ... Byron's Mom made him a yoyo out of coke bottles ... How amazing is that!!!!
 Thanks to our friends and family who made Connor's birthday super special!!!  Connor had a ball.
We all had so much to eat that all we had for dinner was a cuppa tea and a slice of birthday cake.  It is amazing how you wait and anticipate something and suddenly it is over ... Now we can start to plan the 21st!!!! 
Hope your weekend was super special and that you are well rested and ready for the week ahead.


  1. Huge congrats on your Connor's 18th. I can see two very proud parents here. The table setting was so perfect, not to mention the awesome cake with such a sweet story behind it.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Thanks Desire, we are indeed proud parents. The cake was really special and he loved it.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS my friend!! You and Richard must be very proud. Looks like you all had an awesome day
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks my friend, we really are proud of our young man.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to share in these lovely family moments.

  4. It sure was an interesting afternoon. Glad the young man got the books he was wanting.

    Love ya