Sunday, 14 July 2013

Christmas in July, Half Birthdays and more!!!

I decided to take 2 days leave (Thursday and Friday).  I had planned to go to Home Affairs on Thursday but when I woke up I snuggled into bed with Connor instead, then sat in front of the computer for a while and then it was a bit of a hurry to get ready to meet my friend Samantha at Avianto in Honeydew ~ She was invited to a Christmas in July function and asked if I would like to go with her.  Connor drove through with me and unbeknownst to me he spent the time in the car as he was too embarrassed to go into the restaurant on his own for lunch.  When we did the guided tour of Avianto on the golf cart he came with.

My gorgeous friend Samantha

FRIDAY ... We got ourselves ready early and drove through to Home Affairs in Edenvale ... Connor joined the queue to apply for his passport and I joined the Collections queue.  A lovely lady helped me but when she looked on her computer she asked if I had received two sms' from them as there had been a problem with my passport and she thought that it would only be delivered at 11 ... hmmmm!!! Blood begins to boil ... I did this application in MARCH!  Noleen got her passport a week later and now it has been 4 months and .... In walks the Courier and in his myriad of packages is MY PASSPORT!!!!  Now we only have to go back and collect Connor's once it is ready.  We were starving and decided on McD's for breakfast.  When we were finished we popped past Noleen's office to see where she works.  Both my nephews were there and we had a lovely 2 hours with them.  On the way home we went past The Glen as Connor had finished reading Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz and couldn't wait to get the next book (Night Rise).  We had a cuppa coffee a Fego and then popped past Dischem.  That was a couple of things off the "To Do" list.  We spent the evening quietly at home.

SATURDAY ... Up early and out the door at 7... Had a lovely drive out to Irene Village Market.  When we got there the temperature gauge on the car was 2.5 degrees!!!!  Ali had arrived just ahead of us and we exchanged Birthday Gifts ... Yes I know my birthday was in January.  Now let me tell you about this Half Birthday idea ... my friend Samantha (photo earlier in my post) celebrates her birthday on 27 December ... her late Gran decided that because it was Christmas and her birthday within 2 days of each other that she would spoil Samantha 6 months later with a half birthday gift.  Since her Gran passed away her Dad has continued with this tradition.  Ali and I like this idea as our birthdays are both before pay day in January and we feel like it is such a loooonnnngggggg time to Christmas that we spoil each other again in July.  I gave her Honey Herbal and Body Balance from Justine and she gave me a lovely bag filled with divine goodies ...
The very first order of the day was getting some coffee to warm ourselves up and then a leisurely walk through the market.  I got a couple of Christmas gifts which I am delighted about ... some more ticks in the "To Do" list.

I got these two gorgeous necklaces for two special people who have indelible ties to South Africa.
 When we were done with our shopping we had a look around the food area ... and we all chose vetkoek for lunch ... Ali had mince and cheese, I had apricot jam and cheese and Connor had a plain one which he really enjoyed.  He also had a Darling Brew ... which he said was nice but not as good as the beer he had the last time we were there.

My hunny met us at Scrap-a-doodles at 11 and he got me a Silhouette Cameo ... he has been trying for a very long time to find a plotter so he could build something just like this.  He is so excited about this little tool that I am wondering how much time I will get on it ... however that doesn't bother me much because I will just ask him to do my work for me!!! LOL!!!!  We stopped at the Wimpy on the way home for lunch, picked Mom up at the Casino and then spent the afternoon and evening at home.  It was really just too cold to go anywhere so we caught up on some programmes on PVR.

SUNDAY ... This morning I popped out with my hunny to my nephew Nicholas' house ~ Nicholas had some tools from Salma's grampa that he wanted to give Richie to go through and see what he needed ... OMGoodness!!!  What fun for Richard ... he found a whole lot of tools which he didn't have in his garage (which was REALLY surprising as I thought he had every single tool in creation) and I of course was there to photograph the process.  This is what the car looked like when we got home ...

Uncovering what each tool box held was quite exciting ... even for me!!!
"Yep!!!  This is something I don't already have!!!"

Mom brought this gorgeous cat to say "Hello" to us.
Some more discoveries ... and these are two of the boxes which the tools came in.
We popped down to Builder's Warehouse to get globes and batteries and have a look at some cupboards for my new scrap area so that I can get myself organised ... feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment and haven't been able to sort myself out since we scrapped at the dam and I need this therapy desperately.  I think I will do just 15 minutes this evening and see what I can get done.
Just got fantastic news from my niece in America ... Connor placed an order for some products from Yoyo Expert during their 4th of July Sale and according to the USPS website it had been delivered on Friday but it was not at my niece's house.  They found today that it had been delivered to the wrong house!!!  Thank heavens for that ... my nephews are coming home this week and if that parcel had gone missing it would have been a bit dent in my budget!!!  Connor is over the moon!!!
I am off ... going to pack for Monday & Tuesday's Conference at Kloofzicht, dinner, watch Strictly Come Dancing, spend 15 minutes in my scrap area and then to bed early.
Can't believe the weekend is nearly over!!!  Hope you have all had a super relaxing weekend and that the week ahead treats you kindly.

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  1. Yay, I can't wait to see what you create with your Silhouette Cameo. I loved seeing all your happy photos.