Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hectic Sunday!

Connor slept over at Wendy last night and gave me strict instructions to fetch him at 9 as he needed to get home to shower and get ready for his Ten Pin Bowling outing with his new girlfriend Keisha, Byron and Kayla.

I arrived at Wendy just after 8h30 as I wanted to have a cuppa coffee with her.  When I got there her domestic worker Felicia had just come into the house with her baby Joshua.  He is too precious and I got to cuddle him and then feed him his bottle.

When I bought Liam his backpack on Saturday I slipped the matching t-shirt into the front zipper without him seeing so I asked him to check what was in the bag ~ I bought Taryn and TJ some towels as an engagement present ~ and he was surprised by the t-shirt ... Being the clown that he is he took the label and stuck it on his chin.

When we got home Connor jumped in the shower and got ready.  Keisha, Kayla and Byron arrived at 11 and I drove them through to Northcliff Corner.

The four of them played 2 games of 10-pin and afterwards the boys wanted to play pool so I played a game with the girls.

Kayla, Byron, Connor & Keisha

Richard met us at McDonalds in Mondeor for lunch.  We were going to the airport to say "Bye" to Liam and Jarod so I suggested the girls come with us as I didn't want to be rushing around.  We met Wendy, Graeme and the kids and had a milkshake at Capello's, saw the boys off and then had dinner at Fournos.
International travellers ... Jarod and Liam

Courteney seems to be saying "I had him first girls!!!

Wendy and Graeme

My gorgeous hunny

Hopefully some modelling scout finds Courteney in America and makes her famous!!!

On our way out of the airport we were a bit shocked to see that the boys flight was delayed so we went back to the airline and the guys aid that he thinks the person operating the screen had a hang over as they had called the flight and it was in the air ... relief!!!!

Richard decided to add a "L" to paystation to make it into a more exciting word!!!
We dropped the girls off at home and I spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing.
What a whirlwind of a weekend!!!!


  1. Awesomely busy as always. The young ones look like such wonderful people.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Ooh Aunty Lynn ... CourtEney would love to model! I hope she gets spotted ... only thing is she's a little on the short side.