Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Fantastic Friday!!

How lovely to know that Friday was going to be spent at Kloofzicht Spa ... my Area Manager invited me to join the team as recognition for increased performance in the Area.
On my way there I had to pull onto the side of the road to take a photo of the stunning sunrise.

I got to Kloofzicht at around 7 ... this is what it looked like in the valley where the conference centre and spa is situated.  My friend Sam arrived a few minutes later ... the temperature was -2.5 (yes ... minus!!!).  We went inside and had a lovely cuppa coffee in front of the fire.
We went outside on the balcony and the sun was rising above the mountain (so I got to enjoy a second sunrise!!!).  I also took a photo of the dam in front of the conference centre ... I couldn't imagine diving into that water ... it must be FREEZING!!!!
  When the rest of the team arrived we had breakfast and then it was on to a FULL body massage ... I needed this sooooo badly and it was absolutely wonderful!!!
I was totally surprised when the therapist came and fetched me and we were treated to a pedicure ... now this was something that I had on my "To Do" list and so happily I can now tick it off.
We sat outside in the sun ... now 21 degrees ... with our feet facing the sun and relaxed before dressing and having lunch with a sales meeting following it and then a meeting with a manager who is joining our team.  We were privileged to finish early enough that the traffic had not yet built up.
Friday evening we went to The Glen to do some shopping and had coffee at Fego.  The rest of the evening was spent quietly at home.

Eddie having a foot treatment
Sam cuddly and warm having her pedicure
Thandeka, Sam and my freshly painted toenails
Sam and me enjoying the sun

Marina, Themba and Thandeka
"Thank you Eddie!!!!
Two ducks came swimming down the stream which runs between the Spa and the chalets

Steve looking so relaxed
We got a goodie bag with a body scrub and body butter


  1. What a way to spend a Friday. But eisch -25 is not a joke.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Nice! Always such a special treat.