Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What a day!!!

The good part of my day ... Started off the day by sending an SMS to my great nephew Michael who turned 3 today "Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!". Then it was off to Benmore Gardens Branch (traffic was great, had coffee at the coffee shop next door to the branch ~ thankfully they open at 06h30 so I sat and worked until 07h45) where I attended their branch meeting and worked in the branch until 11h10 when I left for a quick visit to my homoeopath.
The sad part of my day ... I attended the funeral of Mike Veldon ~ the husband of Anne who is the branch manager at Town Square. He had a heart attack two weeks ago and passed away on Saturday. The really sad part is that she is retiring at the end of the month and was looking forward to doing all sorts of things together with him. This is truly a message that we need to enjoy each and every day because we really do not know when our last day will be. The service was lovely and then we had some tea and snacks afterwards. Mike was soccer crazy and most of the people at the service had on soccer jerseys ~ what a lovely tribute.
The great part of my day ... I just got home from my Sisters Dinner. This month was Wendy's choice ~ she chose Mugg & Bean at Panorama. The service was excellent, the food was really good and the company was fantastic. We spoke about a million and one different topics ... you would think that we never see each other!!! LOL!!!
We shared Mother's Day gifts with each other ...
My gift to each of my sisters was this gorgeous Toiletries box with a packet of sweets (liquorice toffees for Noleen, chocolate eclairs for Wendy and liquorice allsorts for Norma) and a packet of salt & black pepper Lays (they are a delicious limited edition ... go out and get a packet!!!).

The pink gift bag from Noleen had this gorgeous mug and three choccies in it and the lilac gift bag from Wendy had a striped t-shirt, a gorgeous scarf and strawberry & cream bon bons.

Norma gave us each a bottle of sweets ... yummy!!!

Then came the fun of trying to take a photo of Noleen and Norma ... the queens of closed eyes, hair not being perfect, putting on lipstick, etc.
Now we have to first check and see what the photos look like!!!
Wendy and I ... one photo and it's done!!!
So we tried again!!!
Then our little waiter, Skita, comes along and says "Can I take a photo of you all together?" and proceeds to take three photos from different angles ~ how sweet!!!
And once more for good measure!!!! Now this is not taking into consideration the photos taken on Noleen's camera!!!
I hope you have all had a Wonderful Wednesday!!! Sleep tight!


  1. Beautiful siblings you are indeed and I can see you all have a sweet tooth lol.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Thanks Desire. I think it is easier to buy sweets for each other ... and especially when it is something that you love.

  2. Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Hi my friend, We had a wonderful time. Only problem is the restaurant closes at 9 and we were by no means ready to leave!!!

  4. GREAT POST! :)

  5. lol ... and still 'my fringe' was not right. It was a fab evening .. thanks for the stunning gift. Love ya

    1. It sure was a wonderful evening. Glad you liked the gift and thanks for my gorgeous gift!!!