Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reward for hard work ...

Me with our RGM Lonwabo Daniels
Our Regional Manager, Lonwabo Daniels, rewarded our Branch Managers for their performance by spending today at the Theme Park @ Gold Reef City.  Thankfully we in HR are considered as part of the team so the invite was  extended to us too.  We were to meet at GRC at 10h00.
Connor's school is not far from GRC so after I dropped him off at school I went to the Casino (which is across the road from the Theme Park)  where I thought the restaurants would be open ... but at 07h30 everything was closed except for a place in the middle of the casino floor.  They found me a spot next to a plug, as I forgot to charge my laptop last night, I ordered a cappuccino which came with a pastry (great value at only R13-00!) and I worked until 09h30 when I went over the road to the Theme Park.

I met my colleagues Eddie (Area Manager) and Ilse (Manager Sandton) at the entrance ~ here Eddie was trying to find out if he was tall enough to go on the rides ~ and we found our way to Mugg & Bean for coffee.  We were joined by my friend Sam, Johan (Manager Westgate) and Alida (Manager Krugersdorp).  When we were finished with our coffee we walked around a bit and ended up at the Anaconda.  Now I had ridden this a number of years ago when we took Connor and some friends to GRC for his birthday and it took me 4 hours to stop shaking afterwards.  My friend Sam and I watched the other guys go o the ride and when they came back we convinced them to ride it again with us.  OMGoodness!!!!  It was a frightening this time as it was the last ... We got a photo which showed that I did the whole ride (all of about 40 seconds ~ which feels like 40 minutes!!!) with my eyes tightly shut.

 This is part of the Anaconda (I found a new function on my computer where I stitched 4 photos together ... Amazing!!!!)
Ilse, Alida, Johan and Eddie

Lynn, Ilse, Eddie and Sam
 My little camera did really well taking this photo of the Anaconda hurtling towards us.

 Next we visited the 4 theatre and saw Jett and Jin ... After the Anaconda this made me feel a bit more queasy as the chairs move and air gets blown at you and water is sprayed at you however the story was really sweet.  We had to wear these ridiculous looking bright yellow glasses which pushed down on your ears and made you look like an alien!!!

The aliens ... Sam, Ilse, Eddie, Alida, Johan and Lynn

Eddie looking very sorry for himself because of the way the glasses pushed his ears around!!!
 After the movie we went to Mugg & Bean for lunch.

There were at least 7 peacocks roaming around the courtyard and one of them even jumped up onto the table to steal some food off of a plate ... I managed to catch the culprit 'red handed'!!!  I got a bit irritated as there were some kids running around scaring the birds with their balloon swords and then one of the kids tried to kick one of the birds while their Moms just sat back and chatted.  If that was my child he would not be able to sit for at least a week!!!!

"Hey, I also want some food!!!"
After lunch Eddie tried to convince me that I needed to join him on the Tower of Terror ... I have often watched this from across the road when fetching my Mom from the Casino and have vowed that I would NEVER ride this one ... and I kept to my word today.  It looks like the most frightening ride around ... even more terrifying than the Anaconda!!!

This is what it says about the ride on the Internet ...
Ride the heart-stopping Tower of Terror 50m drop at a speed a of 100km p/h straight into an open mine shaft. Ride it if you dare! (Bring an extra pair of pants).

 Ilse, Eddie and Johan all came out of the ride saying they had a huge headache!!!  I am so glad I didn't go on that ride!!!'
All in all a wonderful day ... Thanks Lonwabo!!!!

Some other photos ...
My 'children' Mpho and Nthabiseng.
"Am I big enough to go on the rides??"

Now I am off to tidy my scrap area and hopefully get started on the wedding album.


  1. You really had a wonderful time with your colleagues and I can't believe you braved that ride. One tough cookie you are. Love the beautiful peacocks.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Hi Desire, It was a lovely day and I also cannot believe I did that ride AGAIN!!! My stomach still feels like it is in a knot.

      The peacocks were beautiful! Lynn