Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Veggie Tunnel in Alex

I met up with some of our Rivonia Arterial Team and my friend Samantha at Europa Cafe at 135 Rivonia Road today ... I got there at 06h30 and had some coffee and did some work before everyone else arrived.  Had another coffee before getting on the bus to travel up the road into Alex. 
As we were walking around the corner into Rivonia Road I saw this bench in front of our building ... I have not seen it before and had to take a photo of it ... firstly with Eddie (my Area Manager) and Ilse (Branch Manager at Sandton City) adorning it and then one on its own ... maybe my super talented hubby can make one of these.
Isn't this amazing?
On our way into Alex I was wondering to myself (again) why people litter so badly in our country ... Is it an education issue or does our school system just not think it is important to teach people about littering and the damage it does to our world?  OK!  That's me finished ranting.

When we got to the school some work still had to be done to prepare the piece of ground where the tunnel was to be placed.  Once we got going we worked hard and fast ... The kids were absolutely amazing and worked very hard.  There was one little girl, Amelia, who totally stole my heart.  We battled to get a photo together ~every time we tried we were bombarded by other kids who also wanted to be in the photo.  When we were finished working we gave the kids lunch boxes first and then the rest went to the staff ... fortunately I always take my own lunch with so I am sorted.
Here are some photos of the day ...
I am really proud to work for Nedbank ... I love this advert on Grayston Drive.

 Here is Themba (Branch Manager Hyde Park) showing Sally (Branch Manager Alex) how to wear a handbag!!! LOL!!!
 The hard work begins!!!
 Moving the buckets of sand and filling up the black bags is hard work ... these kids worked so very hard ... It is heart warming to watch them.

Lloyd (top) is a sales consultant at Sandton and Tatum (bottom) is a service champion at Hyde Park.  She is an absolutely gorgeous girl and has a stunning personality.  Look how cute she is with her pink t-shirt and matching gardening boots ... she told us she is studying horticulture.

 This young boy worked tirelessly ... and he was so nice to be around.

 Although it is winter it was VERY hot and we needed water breaks.
 Eddie thought he was at the beach when he saw this sand!!!
 This was supposed to be a picture of Amelia and me (top).  And the next photo she was trying to get everyone to move away ... not a chance!!!!

 My precious friend Samantha who works really hard at getting these initiatives arranged.

 The bags are now ready for the spinach plants.

The kids all wanted a photo with Tatum.
 The kewl boys!!!!

 And the planting begins ...
  And this is what the tunnel starts out as ... 

Kagiso ... the young guy on the left got the kids singing while watering the plants ... he is an amazing young man. 
A very proud group of people ... with the finished veggie tunnel in the background.
Lunch and some playtime was next ... Of course I had to take a photo of Amelia first!!!
 Eddie is the naughty kid on the playground!!!
Amelia having fun on the swings
 And now ... an exhausted Eddie getting a couple of zzzzzzz's in.
On my way home I decided to have my car washed ... the outside gets cleaned regularly at work by Maxwell but as I never know when he is going to wash it I do not get to leave the car unlocked so the inside has not been cleaned in a while ~ and I do so love a clean car!!!   When I picked Connor up from school at 4 the first thing he said was "Clean car!". 

I'm off to my scrap desk ... Hope you had a wonderfully productive day.  I will see you again on Friday evening as I am at Emperors Palace for the next 2 days on HR Conference.

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