Tuesday, 19 March 2013

So true ...

I found this quote somewhere on Facebook ... it resonated with me!!!
Yesterday and today were pretty productive days at work.  I fetched Connor from school yesterday and today and it was really nice having him in the car with me on the drive home.  This afternoon on the way home he asked me if I would make banana bread ... I don't really like making it but I also don't like wasting bananas either.  I said I would make it if he helped me and then forgot about it.  When he mentioned it I said I would do it tomorrow and he looked really disappointed.  After watching Chicago Fire I decided that I would get it done ... I am now waiting for the timer to go off so I can take it out the oven and then I will be off to bed.

I just took the banana bread out of the oven and Connor wanted to eat a slice of hot banana bread ... his comment "Just enough banana that it isn't overpowering and it is nice and moist".  I guess he likes it???!!!

Silly boy!!!
Hope you all had a stunning day! and sleep tight!

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