Sunday, 5 August 2012

4 August ~ To Do List

This morning I got up with a host of things that I wanted to get done on my "To Do List".
Connor slept over at Byron and asked to be picked up at 9 as he wanted to go to Magic so Mom and I left the house at 8h10
  • First stop ... Sunrise Sweets.  'Get Connor Peach Fluffs' has been on my "To Do" list since early July. 
  • We then went past the wool shop but they were still closed so we fetched Connor and when we got back to the wool shop they were open.  We got wool for a jersey for my friend Delphine ~ she loves my one jersey and asked if Mom would knit her one;
    I got wool for a jersey I want Mom to knit me ~this has been on the To Do List for months; and
    I enjoyed knitting the scarves we did for work so much and was telling Alison about this and said that I needed to find someone else to knit for and she suggested the school she supports.  I am hoping the navy blue wool I got is the right colour.
  • Home for Connor to shower and then back out ... Outer Limits ~ got Liam a new deck to play with, had some haloumi cheese at Ocean Basked and then through WestPack at LifeStyle.  I was hoping to pop around to Ali's but she was not available.
  • I read through some of the blogs I had neglected reading and then Richard and I went to The Glen to get him a new calculator and drove through to Melville to fetch the boys.  We picked up KFC on the way home and after dinner we went through to Wendy & Schatz for Liam to fetch clothes as he decided to sleep over.
  • Was trying to watch a bit of TV but my eyes were saying ... "Let's sleep" so I obeyed!!!

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