Monday, 11 June 2012

Happy Birthday Marian!! 10 June 2012

My precious friend Marian turned 30 today!!! 

I remember when I turned 30 ~ we had a braai at home and it POURED with rain!!!  But I digress ... Lorenzo, Marian's gorgeous husband, invited us to lunch at Casalinga to celebrate this special day with them. 

I had seen Marian in the week and given her her birthday gift and when we got to Casalinga I could not resist getting her a box of yummy chocolates ... She said that she didn't think she had ever gotten such fancy chocolates before.  Connor was cozying up to her and I could just see what was to come however Marian was very busy chatting while Connor, the picture of innocence, 'stole' her chocolates.

Of course, I had to buy him a box of his own ~ he is such a choc-a-holic!!!

Marian with Lorenzo and Connor ~ Lorenzo is a very special young man and I am amazed at the wonderful relationship him and Connor have.

 Marian and her 'boyfriend' Richard ... I don't mind sharing!!!

Marian and her gorgeous boy Evan.

We had an afternoon filled with fantastic company and delicious food.  I am honoured to have Marian and Lorenzo as part of my circle of friends.

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