Monday, 11 June 2012

Daily Reminders ~ 27 May 2012

Each morning as I get ready for my day I look at items in my bedroom and think about the special people who have given them to me and I am thankful each day for those people ... Here is the list as I go through my morning ...

On my 'dressing table' ...
  • my tissue box cover ~ a birthday gift many years ago from my 'boyfriend' Ian (I also have a cushion which sits on my bed from him)
  • wooden box ~ Salma (my nephew's wife)
  • jewellery stand ~ my friend Nicky Coetzer
  • mirror with frame, candle, etc ~ from my friend Shorts for my birthday this year!
  • car ~ my hunny
  • other box ~ my sister Noleen
  • lamp ~ my late mother-in-law
  • the dragon fly on the lamp ~ my friend Alison
 This beautiful lamp used to sit in my late Mom-in-law's lounge on a beautiful coffee table which we gave to my sister Noleen.

 This chair has been featured on my blog before ... it sits in the corner of my bedroom and I give thanks for ...
  • my friend Pam who painted the cute teddy cushion;
  • my beloved niece Taryn who gave me the blue bear;
  • my son who gave his Dad and I the two little teddies under the white and red toadstool for Valentines day one year
  • my 'boyfriend' Ian who gave me the teddy with the brown ribbon.
I thank God each morning as I look at these items for these special peope in my life!!!

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  1. What a wonderful way to look at articles which you surround yourself with.