Saturday, 5 May 2012

Another week of the year gone!

I am not sure if it is an age thing ... but time sure is >>>>flying>>> past!!!  Wednesday through Friday just disappeared in a flurry of interviews, hearing preparation and e-mails!!! 

The highlight of my week was a call from my niece Taryn, who lives in Texas, late yesterday afternoon.  She was telling me about her exams and how well she did in her one assignment ~ it is looking more and more like she needs to go into medical research.  She is such a very special young lady.

Last night Connor played FNM (Friday Night Magic) and called to say that we could collect him at 9:30 ... eeeeek!!!  They only finished an hour later so we sat in Ocean Basket and had something to drink.  When we got home I collapsed into bed.  I was awake at 05h30!!!  Couldn't even make it to 6!!! Darn!!!  So I revolted and stayed in bed till 7!

This morning we joined Wendy, Graeme, Courteney and Liam at a vintage type flea market in Meyerton.  If there were not so many of the same type of thing around I think it would have been more interesting ~ however we still did have a good time. 

There was one table of real interest to Courteney ~ they were from a vintage clothes shop and they had the most gorgeous gloves ... they fit Courteney "like a glove" so I got them for her.  The lady who owns the shop was VERY jealous as she said if they fitted her they definitely would not have been on sale.  They had a gorgeous pair of beige gloves but Courteney wears a lot of black so these seemed the more logical choice. 
Richard and Graeme giving each other a loving look ... hmmmmm!!!! Wonder if I should be jealous???
 Although it is not a blue police box which flies around the universe with Dr Who inside ... these two looked very cute in this old telephone box which is now used to house an electrical box. 
 I found these three guys sitting on an old bench ~ couldn't resist taking a photo of them ... aren't they cute??
My hunny!


 Wendy and Courteney in front of an old train. 

I liked the look of this tree so I asked Connor and Courteney to pose in front of it ... Courteney took a lot of cute photos of her and Connor which she posted on her blog  as soon as she got home.  My son gives the most amazing hugs ~ and I was lucky to get one from him.
 We decided to pass by the Cafe du Cirque for something to drink ... I ordered a cuppaccino and a slice of carrot cake ... the coffee was really nice but the cake was disappointing.  Having been out in the fresh air has made me really tired and not feeling much like opening my laptop and trying to get some work done!!!
 Hope you have had a lovely Saturday.

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  1. Cool stuff. Glad you had fun with your family.

    It's amusing to see a single event from three perspectives: yours, Wendy's and Courteney's. (Wendy was tagged in C's Facebook photos which made them appear on my wall.) It's like you guys are celebrities!