Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Self Portrait

My "blog friend" Shybiker posted this interesting post yesterday ...

I wanted to create an image of myself that shows who I am inside.  That displays what I see when I look at myself in my mind's eye.

It's sometimes difficult to reconcile our inner vision with physical reality.  Mirrors show us signs of aging, crooked smiles (I have one) and various flaws.  No matter...

I took a recent photo and played with it a little.  Softening the focus, smoothing out the background.  Of course I'm not this good-looking in person; this is an idealized view of myself, not a literal one.  I'm striving to capture my spirit.

What would a portrait of you look like if it showed your true spirit?

Immediately this photo taken on my wedding day nearly 25 years ago popped into my mind ... When I look in the mirror I am no longer this young, pretty version of myself however the eyes are the same and they constantly try to look at the world from a "pretty" point of view.


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous photo. And, yes, it appears to capture your kind and optimistic spirit. Your eyes are exactly the same.

    I'm glad I inspired you to do this. This post is a special one.

    1. You are an absolute inspiration. Not only do you let me into your life and allow me to really 'see you' ... you make me think and question and contemplate things and then I find the answers inside me. I am so honoured to know you!!