Friday, 6 January 2012

A day at the Zoo

and I am not referring to the office, although sometimes it does feel like one!!! LOL!!

Here are some pages to share ... Our company hosted a Family Day at the Johannesburg Zoo in June 2011.  Connor was dating Tayla at the time so we took the two of them and off we went to visit the family ... I mean the animals at the Zoo.  There was a lot of entertainment in the one area which was really noisy so we went and toured the whole Zoo and at the end of the walk the guys got chip stix and then we left and went to Nando's for lunch.

 I love this patterned paper and had to make it stretch over 4 pages ... I managed!

 This is a good way of using a lot of photos on a page.

I am rather stressed as by this time I am normally nearly finished with the previous year's books ~ That is definitely not the case this year.  I only got 250 pages done last year instead of 365.  I really need to get back to my page a day challenge!  If I am Consistent in my approach I should get up to date in next to no time!!??

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