Thursday, 29 December 2011

I love being in the office at this time of year!

Yesterday and today were filled with "spring cleaning" my office.  When I got to work yesterday morning I moved everything off my desk and polished it.  I then updated my diary with birthdays, anniversaries and sisters dinners and then I tackled my desk calendar and did the same exercise.  Next on the agenda was to sort out the documents I had filed in my desk drawers.  I worked flat out from 07h00 until 16h30 when Richard fetched me.  After dinner we took clothes to Connor as he was sleeping out at a friend.  I spent the rest of the evening sorting out slips and home filing ... I totally understand what Flylady means by 'hotspots' as I truly believe that paper grows if you leave it in a pile for a bit!!!  It is already time to do bills for another month and I haven't even gotten to filing last month's papers.  Where has the time gone???

This morning Richard dropped me off at work at 07h15 and I spent the morning sorting out my cell phone ~ had to make sure that I had all the numbers from my old phone on my new phone.  I worked flat out again until 16h00 when Richard fetched me and we drove through to Woodmead to collect his new car.  We popped past Wendy and Graeme to show them the new car.  When we got home I had to do a 'photo shoot' and here it is ...

My hunny is so chuffed with this new car ... he spent a lot of this evening figuring out how things work ~ there are some things that are very different from his old car.

While sitting here at the computer my cell phone rang and it was my friend Natalie who now lives in New Zealand ~ she called back on the home phone and we spent about an hour catching up.

I was hoping to get a whole host of things done tonight ~ however, updating my blog took much longer than I thought it would although that being said I am delighted that I am up to date for the first time in a while ~ and I know that my friend Michelle is going to have a good time in the morning reading my blog posts (and of course my sister Noleen!!!).

This week while trying to get "up to date" with a whole host of things I have been doing some soul searching to try and find out why I have battled to keep in control of things this year and I uncovered what went 'wrong' ... Last year at this time I was on leave and didn't have the time to do my usual year end "spring clean" which resulted in me starting the year feeling out of sorts and that feeling continued throughout the year.  Strangely enough ... I had chosen "EFFICIENT (Order / Focus / Engaged) as my word for the year and every time I looked up at it I felt a sense of guilt that I had not lived up to the word.  I am considering my word for next year ... Not sure yet what it will be.

People are surprised when I say that I LOVE being in the office at this time of year ... I get the chance to get all those niggly little things done before the year ends and I get to start the new year on a good footing ~ Although I still have a lot to get done I am feeling really good about 2012.

BRING IT ON 2012!!!  I am ready for you!!!


  1. I like being in the office this time of year, too.

    Thanks for the translation of "courts" and the nice comments you left. You're sweet!

  2. So nice to get all the news - FINALLY!