Thursday, 5 May 2011

A quickie before I go out for dinner ... Thursday 5 May

I cannot believe that we are 5 days into May already.  This year is really flying past.
  This afternoon was spent in a meeting with my Managers in Randburg Area ~ they are not too happy that I am leaving their area (which makes me feel really good as they know how spoiled they are!!!LOL!!!)
  Tonight is my monthly dinner date with my darling sisters ... we are trying somewhere different ... will report on it later.
  I need to get out to the patio to photograph some pages to share but in the meantime thought I would go into my archives, again, and find a page to share.  Enjoy!!!

This is my precious neice Gina's little man ~ I did this page at a scrapbook
convention  but as usual changed a whole lot about the page ~ Had to
'Lynniefy' it. 

Hand sewing has such a nice look to it.  I sewed the buttons
onto the page and tied the thread on top.

What an amazing picture of a new born baby.  I just love the photo
of Gina holding Bradley's hand.  It is scary to think
that he is already 5 months old.
See ya later!!!

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  1. Such beautiful memories of my darling daughter and grandbaby! Lynn you make magic out of any photo!