Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday 27 April 2011

YAY!!!! Another holiday!!!  I said to my friends Alison and Leonie on Saturday while scrapbooking ~ I do understand the impact all these holidays have on the economy but I cannot help but say "YAY!!!! More time to scrapbook!!!"  I want to pop out to The Glen and have some photos printed this morning to finish off some projects.  Richard just asked if we want to meet him for coffee at the coffee shop at Builder's Warehouse as he needs to buy some stuff for his trailer rebuild ~ as a surprise I am going to do a page about all the work he has done on his trailer. Richard and his brother Michael built this trailer 18 years ago and it has worked incredibly hard in those years and now it looks as good as new!

Here are some pages I have finished recently.  I took out the sewing machine when I was copying a page and have left it out which had led to a lot of sewing on my pages. 
I love Martha Stewart punches ... I only have 3 of them but when I scrapbook with Leonie
and Alison I get to use all their fabulous punches.  "Thanks Tannie Marta! You ROCK!!"

On these Sani pages I did a lot of sewing which gives an intersting
dimension to the pages.

This page is to show how Maggie, Connor's Bearded Dragon, has grown this year.
I am known as the "Cheap Scrapbooker" and in this page I really excelled myself!!!
The patterned paper is the cover of a pack of paper I bought ~ Just seemed a shame
to waste such beautiful paper!!!  I am itching to use the cover of another set of paper
I bought on the weekend.  Watch out for that one.
My friend Karen invited the "Regional Office Friends" to her new beautiful new
home for a Housewarming Party.  The first order of busienss was to move her bed
from the entrance hall over the balcony and into her first floor bedroom ~ many
antics followed between Richard, Darryl and Petrus.  Evenually the bed made it
into the bedroom ~ much to aren's delight.
Darryl was tasked with braaing the meat but he was so late that Richard
took on the task and when Darryl arrived he became Richard's assistant.
Sam and I showed out love for 'our Regional Manager' Craig ~ fortunately
he loves us just as much!!!

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